These terms and conditions of warranty constitute the basis for providing a warranty for the products and services provided by Granimax OÜ (hereinafter also Seller) and processing warranty issues.

1. The Seller provides a 5 (five) year warranty for products and services manufactured by the Seller.

2. The supplier’s standard warranty applies to used raw materials, sinks, and accessories that are not sold by Granimax OÜ. 

3. The warranty period starts from the date of delivery of the product to the Buyer.

4. The Seller guarantees that the product meets the technical requirements and level applicable at the time of manufacture and that it does not have any material or manufacturing defects. In case of non-compliance with said requirements, the Seller undertakes to remove such non-compliances at its own expense.

5. Warranty is valid only if the Buyer's information can be identified in the Seller's order management program or if the Buyer provides a copy of the purchase document.

6. The warranty remains valid if the owner of the product changes; however, in such a case, the recipient of the warranty must provide information that allows for the purchase to be identified (e.g. installation address, Buyer's name).

7. The following cases are not covered by warranty:

7.1 The product was installed by a party other than the Seller. If installation is performed by another company or by the Buyer, liability as regarding the condition of the product and the performed service is transferred to the company that performed the service or to the Buyer.

7.2 The Buyer has failed to notify the Seller of defects in the product within a reasonable period of time as prescribed by the consumer protection legislation applied in of the country of location.

7.3 The Buyer is not cooperating to eliminate the shortcoming/deficiency, failing to provide required additional information and evidence (photographs, videos, etc.) and does not submit a declaration of complaint. 

7.4 The base surface of the product or the supporting structure on which the product is installed has been moved, has deformed or collapsed, or has been otherwise changed, including additional repairs or alterations undertaken during the warranty period (e.g. to make plumbing or electrical changes; finishing work related to the floor or walls, the performance of which requires for the countertop to be temporarily repositioned). The Buyer is liable for the changes and damages caused as a result of such repairs and modifications.

7.5 Changes caused by force majeure (flood, hurricane, earthquake, lightning strike, etc.)

7.6 Damages and defects that emerge during operation due to non-compliance with requirements of the operating and/or maintenance instructions (exposure to extreme temperatures or extreme weather, ultraviolet radiation (quartz), physical or chemical misuse, exposure to acids or alkalis, soiling or damage resulting from insufficient maintenance, mechanical damage caused by cutting, scratching, collision, impact, or other strong force, etc.)

7.7 Mechanical damage that is discovered after the product has been delivered to the Buyer and that has previously already been processed within the framework of relevant complaint;

7.8 Damage caused by parts added to the product by the Buyer or by changing the structure of the product

7.9 Changes caused by the natural characteristics of the material or damage caused by environmental influences 

7.10 Products for which the warranty period has expired

7.11 The product has not been paid for in full

7.12 Deficiencies regarding which complaints have not been filed after receipt of the product

7.13 Deficiencies of which the Buyer was informed during production or installation
7.14 Differences in texture, pattern, and color tone. The Seller uses both 100% natural materials and materials made from more than 90% natural materials, on account of which the finished product and the sample may differ from each other. Differences in aesthetic appearance are part of the natural properties of such materials, do not reduce the functionality of the material, and, consequently, cannot be regarded a deficiency or a defect.

7.15 Stains of a temporary nature on the countertop (fingerprints or other temporary stains due to normal use)

7.16 Use of quartz outdoors

7.17 Deficiencies and/or defects that appeared on silicone installed in temperatures lower than the optimal recommended room temperature (minimum +15°C)

7.18 Products installed in public or commercial buildings (restaurants, hotels, airports, shopping centers, accommodation apartments or apartment buildings, etc.) 

8. Under warranty, deficiencies/defect are removed in one of the following ways and in the order listed below:

8.1 Repair of the deficiency / defective part /installation error without reducing the purchase price

8.2 Replacement of a faulty/defective part without reducing of the purchase price (the Seller covers the costs directly related to replacing of the product (part(s), installation, lifting assistance (if required), plumbing (if required)) 

8.3 Partial reduction of the purchase price of a faulty/defective product if repeated repairs have not yielded the desired result or replacement is not possible

8.4 In the case of an installation error, partial reduction of the installation price if the repeated repair has not yielded the desired result.
9. In the event that a warranty claim is submitted by reseller, in more complicated cases, a written declaration of complaint must be prepared.

10. The Seller responds to a complaint within 7 (seven) calendar days, if a more complex technical examination is required, after obtaining results thereof.

11. The warranty of a product/part replaced or repaired under warranty remains valid as long as the original warranty of the product remains valid. 

12. All replaced details, parts, or the product as a whole are transferred to the Seller's ownership for further technical inspection.

13. The Seller arranges for removal of deficiencies/defects recorded during validity of the warranty.

14. The product in need of repair or maintenance must be clean. If additional cleaning or maintenance is required, the cost thereof is borne by the owner of the product.

15. In the event that the product is ordered for the Buyer as a door-to-door delivery (without installation service), the Buyer undertakes to check the quality and quantity of the arrived product at the time of receipt and to notify the Seller of any identified non-conformities within 3 (three) working days at the latest. Damages caused during transport must be recorded by the Buyer upon receipt. After receipt, liability for the condition of the product transfers to the Buyer.